COVID-19 impact on EMSTEC production

The last few weeks under quarantine, slow start

The Coronavirus situation is evolving fast all around the world, creating considerable challenges to the National Health Systems and causing disruptions to supply chain operations. 
Our China Management team is closely following the situation and working on different scenarios with two priorities at heart:
- Guaranteeing the health and safety of our employees and their families
- Limiting to the minimum the impact on our customers’ supply chain.

As of today, this is the latest update on the situation:
- None of our employees and their close relatives in China have been contaminated nor being suspected of carrying the virus. 
- After a six week quarantine for mostly all provinces, China Central Government has been allowing more and more companies to return to work.

- Our plant in the Jiangus Province has started working last week with a rather slow start due to delays in external production material.
- Ports, airports, rail and China customs are operating as per normal.
We encourage you to be in touch with your respective sales or customer service representatives in order to address any specific enquiry you may have.