Current production of ID 1100 mm Floating Dredge Hoses

Large Bore Rubber Hoses for the Dredging and Oil & Gas Industries

Since the beginning, large bore rubber hoses have been one of the main competencies of EMSTEC.

Especially in the Dredging Industry, hose outer diameters of 2 m or even above are not uncommon. Larger vessels with greater pumping performance nowadays and the SG (specific gravity) define the dimensions, only limited to the size of cargo containers which they are usually shipped in.

The application is in general the transport of dredged material from the vessel to specific sites like newly reclaimed land, dykes or depositing areas. The pipelines can reach a length of several hundred meters and typical vessels are Trailing or Cutter Suction Dredgers.

The current hose production consists of floating hoses for standard sand - water mixture but our hose program also consists of armoured hoses which are used for hard sediments, corals and rocks.

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