Floating Dredge Hoses for Egypt

Large Bore Armoured Hoses to keep the Suez Canal deep enough

Months before the disaster in the crucial trade route from Asia to Europe, floating hoses for dredging works were ordered and EMSTEC delivered them last week.

The large bore of 1000 mm inner diameter is constructed to transfer sand, stones, coral, silt etc. at a pressure rating of up to 25 barg. Special treated armoured rings are built into the liner to withstand even the hardest and sharpest materials.

Dredging works like this are carried out around the world to keep ports and waterways free for large trade vessels, making them deeper or even build new routes where none were existing (e.g. Suez or Panama Canal are perfect examples).

If you are interested to learn more about these kind of hoses or projects were they have been used for, please feel free to contact us any time.