Floating Hoses with special testing

Pressurized bending test performed

Usually, one out of ten hoses will undergo a hydrostatic pressure test and a non-pressurized bending test in order not to stress the hose before putting it into service. Those kind of tests will be done at our facility, if requested, with third party or client witness.

This time our client requested the bending test under additional waterpressure in order to evaluate more realistic forces during operation and to confirm our calculations. The hose was an ID 1000 mm floating hose with additional wear rings inside which makes it even stiffer. Bending was performed until an angle of 134° and when the required test pressure was reached the pulling force to achieve the bending was recorded. The result was just as high as we had calculated which gives us and the client a better understanding of what our hoses will go through during tough environmental conditions.

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