Maintenance dredging in the port of Hamburg

Jan de Nul, one of EMSTEC major dredging clients is responsible for maintaning the port's water level depth.

The Port of Hamburg, the third largest port in Northern Europe, and it's Elbe river need to be dredged permanently in order to allow the large vessels to enter.

This is performed by the company Jan de Nul, one of the large dredging companies from the BeNeLux. Their trailing suction hopper dredger "Bartolomeu Dias" with a capacity of 14,000 m³, deadweight of 22,500 tonnes, length overall of 147.8 m, breadth of 30.0 m, draught loaded of 10.00 m and maximum dredging depth of 52 m is in charge right now.

Throughout the last 3 years, EMSTEC has supplied it with severel jetwater hoses from 300mm ID to 534mm and lengths of up to 4,500mm. They are mainly being used at the dredge head to stir up the sediments at the riverbed before they get sucked into the ships hopper.

The following video from Hamburg's Port Authority gives you an idea of how such a ship works.