New Product Developments for future Challenges

EMSTEC Hose Coupling System for large scale fish farming

Fish Farming has been done for a long time. Because of increasing world demand for food, Norwegian company Ocean Farming, who is part of the SalMar Group, decided to take fish farming literally one step further out onto the sea. This gives the possibility to increase the size of the facility and with that the quantity of fish.

The 68 m high, 110 m wide Ocean Farm 1, who has a volume of 250.000 m3 was introduced in 2017. It can breed 1,5 million salmon in about 14 months which are automatically monitored and fed through state of the art technology.

Whenever the salmon reaches a certain size, they will need to be transported to a processing facility onshore. For this purpose, EMSTEC supplied a hose coupling unit which allows a save and efficient way to offload fish to a transport vessel without harming the fish or giving them a chance to escape. The development of the special design, which was inspired by applications in the dredging industry, was done from the technical department in Hamburg. The manufacturing of the main structure was performed in China with additional equipment coming from Europe.

Ocean Farm 1 is the first of it's kind which will enable the involved parties to gain the specialist expertise for upcoming projects in this field. There is still much to do and learn. But the offshore fish farming will be mastered.