One more thing...

bad example... and unfortunately a routine for some...

We hope not to close this year with this message but what we found out earlier today forced us to address this issue.

For the last couple of years, more and more rubber hose "manufacturer" introduced themselves to international markets. Mostly from Asian countries. And their investments were big - with new workshops, equipment, personnel and so on.

Some of them even made their way to international exhibitions with professional booths and experienced sales reps who promissed the best customer service.

Unfortunately, some of them also thought they could cheat, save money and use others' copyright and achievements for their advantage.

The example we found just recently topped everything we have found before though. Please have a look at above picture. Not only did they just scan our catalogue pages, they also put their watermark on top of the picture and tried to hide our brand. The unprofessional and lazy nature of this post is not describable.

Nonetheless, EMSTEC believes that all our clients know this is fraud and they won't buy from such an amateur. But still, this behavior seems to increase everywhere and EMSTEC is surely doing it's best to make everybody aware.